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Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole

Download Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole

It was at this same period that the Swahili rumba group Les Wanyika broke onto the scene. Their music was prominent on the radio and I quickly became a fan and snapped up their singles, Paulina, Sina Makosa, Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole Pamela.

I had no idea who was singing the powerful lead parts in the group and wasn't much concerned with such things. I returned to the USA with my vinyl and eventually finished up my anthropology degree. It wasn't until New Year's Day, that Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole next arrived in Kenya to teach Tim Burton - Brzowski - Blooddrive Vol.

3, this time, to learn all I could about the local pop music scene. One of my first discoveries was a Blood Money - The Church - Starfish Wanyika group on the scene. Actually, they weren't new. Issa Juma, that dynamic, raspy vocalist from Les Wanyika formed his Super Wanyika group back in and I vaguely knew about it because of a British 12 inch vinyl EP called Djalenga that featured Issa and a couple of Zairean artists based in Nairobi.

I made up for lost time buying as many singles, cassettes, and LPs as I could find of Issa's various groups. This guy was really something special and it was a great disappointment that I never got the chance to see him perform.

I got part-way to the Super Wanyika experience hearing his whole band do a show in Luanda western Kenya but without him. In my various Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole projects, I have always wanted to feature something from Issa Juma Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole it never worked out. When the Stern's Music brain trust approached me about helping them put together some collections of East African pop music, Issa Juma and Super Wanyika was my first choice.

The album, in CD format, is now available in both Europe and North America and the tracks are available as downloads on the major download services iTuneseMusicand Amazon. The download sites also make available a bonus track, Ateka, which could not fit on the CD version.

Below are the notes I wrote for the booklet in the CD release. Also in the booklet, I transcribed and translated into English all the Swahili lyrics. You'll have to track down the CD for that. I hope you'll give it a listen and who knows, you may just come to love it as much as I do. For nearly thirty years, the "Wanyika" bands were a sensation in Kenya. Institutions of renown they were a dominate presence in Nairobi's nightclubs and recording industry, and in their heyday there were Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole or four bands each simultaneously bearing a Wanyika name, together with several spinoff groups operating under different names.

The rumba music these bands played had its stylistic origins in Tanzania but rather quickly took on a unique Kenyan identity. It was propelled by light percussion, the rhythm often on the high hat cymbals and conga drums and made sweet with Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole delicate interplay between rhythm and solo guitars. The sound was instrumentally sparse with a rich bass filling in the gaps in syncopated bursts.

See Fan. Afanin Arab. Afelle Tuareg, Berber Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Poledesert, lit. AS Gaelicwater. Affluent Fr. Afri Kabilea grotto. Ag Indian, U. Aga Gallarock. Agach Turkestanwood, tree. Agadir Berberescarpment, rampart, fortification ; pi.

Agahar BerberAteka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole river. Agbaiye Yorubathe world. Agba-ra Yorubaa wooden fortification. Agh Irelanda field, from Irish achadh, e.

Saharaa defile. Aghil E. Aghma Arab. Aghz Turk. Agi Kerepunu, New Guineawind. Agib Maroccofarm, as Agib Sherif, 'royal farm. See Hagios. Agmana Hindithe east. For other points see Uttar. Agolmin Berberpool, pond. Agos Tagala, Philippine Archipelagocurrent of a river ; a watercourse. Agrar Deccana village or quarter of a town occupied by Brahmins. Agrish Kabilestone, rock. Agua Port. Aguas Calientes, 'warm waters.

Americawatering-station, a place where the water is drinkable, water-lock. Agula Yambo, Upper Sobat B. Afelle, Ego. Agy Hung. Aha Indian, U. Ahaban Gold Coastbush, wood, forest.

See Handu. Ahathluo Indian, U. Ahawag Saharaa plain. Bad Apples - Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I Gold Coastgrass.

Ahe Gold Coastplace, locality, situation. Ahel, Ahl Arab. Ahel es-Sahel, ' coast- people. Ba, -Bu, Wa, Kel, A. See El, Sahel. Y Gold Coasta kingdom. Ahidaina Maiva, New Guineasouth. For other points see Tototaina. Ahlen Chinbok, E. Ahmar Arab. Tel el Ahmar, 'red hill'; fern. See Hamar. Ah na ku il Indian, U. Ahoro Yorubaruins. Ahtatalki voarat Fin.

Ahwan N. Arakana village. AT Chinaa col, saddle between hills. Aiara Maiva, New Guineaa village. Aigak Aleutgreat, big; e. Aigagin, volcano. Aiguille Fr. Aiguille d'Argentiere. Aikh, Aik Arab. Aikak Indian, Alaskaa passage between islands, between an island and the mainland, or into a river.

Aimak E. Ain, En Arab. Am Sefra. Ainet Nandi and Eldorobo, Ugandaa river. See Hie. Airilich, Airilghan E. Ai'ssu Danakil and Somalilandgrass. Ai't-Ijer ; Ai't-Sedrat. See Aiyal. Ait Kabilea resident, inhabitant. Aix, Aixe from Lat. Aachen, really the same word. Aiya Shankali, Abyssiniawater. Aiyal Arab. Aiyari Hausa], caravan. Ai yaw Yindu Chin, W. Ajelmam Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole. Saharaa lake. Aju Maju German E.

AfricaAteka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Polee. Nyakaju, ' a village in Nyaka. Ak Koreapeak, mountain, e. An-ak, Chai-ak, Pi-ak. Ak Turk. Aka Japanred, e. Akasaki, 'red cape. Akaba Arab. Akakio Uganda, dialect of Bantu. See Kio. Akalin Arab. See Me. See Mutswerero. Akanika, pi. Africa, dialect of Bantu.

See Nika, Akar Sansc. Akarka Basquea river. Akau Hawaiinorth. For other points see Kukulu Hema, Hikina, Komohana. Akaya Cent. See Kaya. Akba Arab. Africaascent, height, elevation. Akbasha Abbadi, Etbaislate-coloured, applied to the rocks of the neighbourhood. Ake Hu-Ni, Chinawater. Ake-ja-onna Yorubaa cross street, lane.

Akena Kabadi, New Guineariver. Akere, Aki Alfurwater. Akhal Somalihouse. Akhal Arab. Africablack, e. Akhalkalaki; fern. Akhdar Arab. Africagreen, covered with verdure ; fern. See Akere. Aki Japanautumn. Akim a Pimo Indian, U. Akin E. Akipi Elgumi, Ugandawater.

Akja Turk. Ak-klut Eskimoprovisions, ammunition ; e. Aklut 'the village where provisions may be obtained. Africa, dialect of Bantua mountain. Ako-ban Gold Coasta defensive wall, fence, rampart. Akogha, pi. Bekogha Fan, French Congo. See Kogha, Akropolis Greekcitadel, fortress. Akroterion Greekcape, promontory. A ku Indian, U.

Aku Maiva, New Guineasea. A kum na Indian, U. Akupaka Maiva, New Guineathe deep sea. Akwampo Gold Coasta desolate, bad, impassable way.

Akwo Yambo, Upper Sobat R. Akyn E. See Akin. Al Arab. Al, Alb, Alp Aryan languageshigh, hill, e. Shiffnal, Albania, Alps cognate with Latin albus, white. Foic pi. Analasora, ' at the wood where the hedgehogs are found.

Ala Arab. Ala Turk. Alatau, ' variegated moun- tain,' because of the stripes and patches of dark rock alternating with snow. Ala Yorubaa boundary. Alachuk Persiathe bee-hive movable dwellings of the Yomut Turkomans, with a wooden framework, usually about 16 feet in diameter, and covered with felt. Alafo Yorubavalley, ravine. Alambrado Spanish S. Americawire fencing fastened to posts. Alambre, copper wire.

Alamu Nikawide, broad river. Alaya Sansc. See Him. Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole PoleSee Al. Albardon Spanish S. Americarising ground on the coast or amongst lagoons. Aid Gaelic Allta stream, e. Aldcambus, ' the stream of the bay. Aldea Port. Ale Sara, Chad L. Aleb Arab. Africaa shelving hill. Aleg W. Alen N. Chin hills, Taungthalarge, great. Alfa Arab. Africaa name common to several species of grass; sometimes Haifa, e.

Wadi Haifa, DXM Tripcore - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth living the valley with the esparto grass.

Algus Hausagreen, as of a forest in leaf. All, pi. Meli Fan, French Congo. See Li. Alifa Bagirmichief, e. Alizes, Vents- Fr. Alkube SongJiaia fortified place.

Allah Arab. Allahabad, 'the town of God. Alle Wolofa desert, a forest. Allt Gaelica stream or brook, e. Allt Anavig, near the Kyle of Lochalsh. Africa, dialect of Bantucountry, district. See Nini. Alor Malaya drain, dike, e. Alp, See Al. Alqueria Sp. Also Hung. Also Alpar. Alt Ger. Alt, Allt Welsha steep place, e. Altcar, Alltmawr.

Alta Indian, U. Alta,o It. Tierra Alta Sp. Altin E. Altin Tagh. See Astin. Altopiano It. Altozano Sp. Altun, Altyn E. Altyn Kiopru. Alugh, pi. Melugh Fan, French Congothe portion of a river between two dams, which is emptied in order to catch the fish.

See Lugh. Ulad el Aluj, 'the sons of the converts,' as the inhabitants of Agurai are called, being of Spanish gipsy origin. Alun-ahm Javaa grassy public square surrounded by trees, which is found in the centre of all towns in Teenage Love Affair - Alicia Keys - As I Am. Alvenaria Port.

Alyen Chinbonlarge, Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole. Mlet Alyen, 'the big stream. Am Madagascar. See An. Am Welshby, near, e. Amlwch, Henllan-am-Goed, ' the old church by the wood. Ama Arab. Ama- Bantuplur. This is really the article a, followed by the prefix ma. See A. Amagamba, Igamba dialects of Bantu. Black Crow - Jamiroquai - A Funk Odyssey Gamba.

Amaji dialect of Bantu. See Mansi. Amak Aleutblood, a name given to islands where walruses are found and killed. Amala Arab. Africaa province. Aman N. Chin hillsblack, e. Aman Var, ' Ateka - Issa Juma & Waanyika* - Pole Pole river. Amantifi Gold Coastthe upper part of the country ; the high country. Amanzi Zulu, Kafirwater. See Nzi. Amapiri dialect of Bantu. See Piri. Amara, Amr Indiaimmortal, e. See Tadi. Amazagh, Amashagh, Amezdhagh, Emizdegh dialects of Eerier], a village. Amazi dialect of Bantu.

Amb New Guineaa house. Amba Abyssiniaan elevated mountain plateau. Africa, dialect of Bantu], a mountain. Ambar E. Ame Japanrain. Amensi dialect of Bantu. Amers Fr. Amezdhagh Tuareg, Berber. See Amazagh. Amma-wa Logon, Chad L. Amont Fr. See Aval, Ampang Malaya dam, and to dam. Amtik Kabilea passage. Amud Somaliearth.

A mim hive Indian, U. Amwene dialect of Bantu. See Mwene. An Chinaborder, shore. An, And, Ant, Am Madagascarall modified forms of Ani, the place where one finds something, or where something is, at, on, in, near, e. An China, Cochinchinasignifies rest, tranquillity, and occurs in a large number of place-names ; e. An-Dien, ' the peaceful rice-field. An Chinaa saddle ; e. An-Shan, ' saddle hill. Anak-ayer Malaytributary of a river, lit. Anak-ayer Kaching. See Ayer. Anamghur Saharaa watering-place.

Ancoradouro Port. Ancoraggio It. Ancrage Fr. And Madagascar. IwAnda Giryamaprairie, veld. Andar Armeniana forest. See Lwandle. Andrefana Madagascarwest. For other points see Avaratra. Andriana Madagascarlord, chief, great man, noble, e. Ankaranandriana, ' at the lord's rock. See Boka. Anemomulos Neo-Greeka windmill. Ang Kwenama stream. Ang'are Brit. Africawater, e. Ange Kanuri, CliadL. See also Ghadir. Anghi Tuareg, Berbertorrent, rivulet. Angin Malaywind ; Angin-Darat, land-breeze ; Angin- laut, sea-breeze.

Ako, paAngo Swahilia cave. Angostura Sp. Angrenzend Ger. Angri Maroccoa well. Angum N. Arakana valley. Ang vai Yindu Chin, W. Anhar Arab. See Καστρινός Χορός - Γιάννης Κουφαλιτάκης - Στον Ύπνο Μου Μην Έρχεσαι. Africa, Bantulake, water either of a river or lake.

Anza, Asa, uAnja Swahilian enclosure. Ankapahia Fin. Ankergrund Ger. Anna Upper Nile], bush, high grass. Annexe Fr. Ano Gold Coastbank, shore. Ansa It. Anse Fr. Ant Madagascar. Ant Tibetend, extremity, e. Bhot-Ant, corrupted into Bhutan. See Bhot. Behind The Stove - Paul Weingardt And His Dutch Hop Boys - Behind The Stove (Shellac) Lomwe, Mozambiquelake, swamp.

Antsinanana Madagascareast, For other points see Avaratra. Antu Zambezia, dialect of Bantu. See Ntu. Ami Gold Coastnear, alongside of, e.

Apuanu, near the sea, sea-side, coast. See Apu, Ann. Tuareg, Berbera deep well. Africa, dialect of Bantucountry, Secrets - New Delta Blues - Wadada Leo Smith And Nda Kulture / Thomas Mapfumo And The Blacks Unlimi. Africa, dialect of Bantua broad water, lake.

Ao Annamlake, marsh, pond, pool. Ao Hainana mountain. Ao, Awo Japangreen. See Awo. Ao China, Siambay, creek. Ap Hottentot. Ap Sansc. Apa Gold Coastborders, frontiers ; region, district. Apa Indian, U. Apara klippo Fin. See next entry. Apatoerau Tahitisouth. See preceding entry. Apeliotes Neo-Greekeast.

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  1. Full text of "Glossary of geographical and topographical terms and of words of frequent occurrence in the composition of such terms and place-names" See other formats.
  2. Pole Pole, an album by Issa Juma, Waanyika on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  3. Kenya-based band, formed by Issa Juma in after he left Orchestre Les Wanyika. The other band members had previously been in Orchestre Jobiso but were left without a group when George Peter Kinyonga returned to Orchestra Simba Wanyika.
  4. LES WANYIKA Rhythm guitarist Omar Shabani ("Professor Omar") left Simba Wanyika with Tom Malanga (bass), Rashid Juma (drums), and Elias John (saxophone) in to found Les Wanyika together with Tanzanians John Ngereza and vocalist Issa dnsrto.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoy after the release of Les Wanyika's signature tune "Sina Makosa" in , Issa Juma went his own way.
  5. Issa Juma and Super Wanyika Stars performed in Kenya into but he was not always able to work because of difficulties with both his health and his immigration status. At one point in , he actually spent a couple months in jail for working without a valid permit.
  6. Songs about Ateka: Ateka by Waanyika Issa Juma from the Album Pole Pole; Ateka (Download exclusive) by Issa Juma, Super Wanyika Stars from the Album World Defeats the Grandfathers - Swinging Swahili Rumba - ; Ateka, Pt. 1 by Issa Juma, Super Wanyika from the Album Waanyikaa; Ateka, Pt. 2 by Issa Juma, Super Wanyika from the Album Waanyikaa.
  7. Mar 16,  · Issa Juma & Wanyika - Ateka 1&2 - Duration: Succès De La Musique Africaine , views. ISSA JUMA & WANYIKA Pole Pole - .

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